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Francey Pants

So I forgot about my livejournal. But it's still here! So hey you guys, if you're reading this. Most of you probably know that I'm working on a vineyard in France. So I'm going to rant a little.

Most customers or people in general assume that I am English because of my accent. Yesterday I had a client who wasn't really rude to me, but not nice either. I didn't understand exactly what he was asking me and he seemed annoyed even though I told him I wanted to know what he was saying. So he changes the subject after a while and asks "How's the weather in England?" Which is kind of a silly question anyway cause if I'm living in France I probably don't check the weather for somewhere I'm not living. And I reply that I don't know because I'm from the U.S. Then his attitude changed and he's like oh wow you're far from home. I think french people find americans to be more exotic than europeans. Which kinda makes sense since there are less. But anyway, this was the first time that I've had trouble with french in a while and it really made me mad. I've been living here for over 9 months, its like wtf why can't I speak the language. But, after all it was just one instance and everyone else has been nice and I haven't really had any other issues lately..

And currently I'm translating my boss' website into english which makes me feel rather accomplished. I used to have to do this in school and struggled, now it's a lot easier and I'm getting paid for it. YAY

It's a really beautiful day in Provence and I wish that the pool was clean so I could go swimming. Maybe next week!
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