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Toute seule!

So it's really strange doing everything by myself. I didn't realize how much I liked human interaction until now. I look forward to work more than ever here cause it's my chance to talk to people. Tourists or frenchies alike. It just beats sitting at my computer which I've been doing WAY too much lately. But I think I've done most activities that your supposed to do with other people by myself now. Like.. going out to eat, going to the beach, going to the movies, going to the Circus(haha yes I went to the circus last night). I think I'm going to watch Dumbo cause I have it dubbed in french! But yeah, I'm not complaining.. it's just different. I feel like I should be writing books or becoming an artist with all this free time living in this beautiful place. And I really should be taking advantage of this experience more. I wish I had a camera to take tons of pictures of the vines and the wine and the countryside. I bought a disposable one which is almost used up. But if you have any suggestions of what I should do please let me know. I know this is a once in a life time thing and I'm letting is slip by.. rather slowly I might add. Where are the flippin tourists? It's supposed to be peak season and I wanna sell that wine!

My situation is: house in the country with lots of grape vines, the sea is 20 minutes away, closest village is 3km away, St. Tropez and other towns are like 20 to 30 minutes away, I usually have car access and don't work a ton

So now you can give me suggestions! I think I'm basically talking to Ashley and Margo cause I don't know if anyone else reads my lj.
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