Layla (mads0330) wrote,

Hey home, I see you!

Qu'est-ce que je vais faire quand je rentre et je ne peux plus parler le francais?

So I met one of my best friends in France at the very end of my stay. And she is middle aged. It's quite an interesting match up. But she is just one of those genuine average joe people that is so kind hearted.

I've been talking about coming home to people a LOT and I'm so effing excited! It's such a bizarre mix of sadness and utter joy. I think they call that bittersweet.

madsorad: i miss aic
madsorad: aix
madsorad: my dorm room
madsorad: isnt that weird?
madsorad: it was so cozy
godly208: it was cozy
godly208: but it was shit
godly208: you'll get back into your room soon
madsorad: with a charming view
godly208: and you'll love it
godly208: with a midnight kitty
madsorad: midnight
madsorad: one of the fish is still alive
madsorad: but i cant remember which one
godly208: whoa!
madsorad: tawny?
godly208: i bet it's tawny
godly208: freak big ole fish
madsorad: yeah i think burt got sick
madsorad: the death sick
godly208: hahah
godly208: i mean
godly208: that's sad
madsorad: not so much
madsorad: fish die
madsorad: and they don't purr
godly208: not at all

Il ne faut jamais dire adieu, cela porte malheur.
You should never say "farewell" because it's bad luck. (sounds a lot better in french)
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